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Category 2 Budget Lookup Tool

Note that C2 budgets are pre-discount. Only approved pre-discount amounts are charged against an entity’s C2 budget. Individual schools and libraries have C2 budgets.

School districts, library systems, consortia, and non-instructional facilities (NIFs) do not. (more...)

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Retrieving Category 2 Budget Status ...

  • School districts
  • Library systems
  • Consortia and consortium leads
  • Statewide applicants and statewide leads
  • Non-instructional facilities (NIFs)
  • Entities that were not featured in an
    FCC Form 471 parent or child list

Category 2 Budget Status

Understanding the search results (more...) Funding Year  

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C2 Budget Approved Pre-Discount Remaining Balance
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{{selectedFiscalYear.fundingYear|fundingYear}} Budget cannot be calculated for this funding year

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FRN Line Item Requested Pre-discount Approved Pre-discount FRN Commitment Status
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